Artist Crystal Michelle Fallin

Artist Crystal Michelle Fallin
June 19, 1984 - August 18, 2019

Saturday, July 31, 2021

RAOC - August Card Shower for Jacintha of Heerlen, Netherlands


A Happy Birthday Card with the 'Sisters of the Sea"  art print was mailed to Jacintha of Heerlen Netherlands.  She is celebrating her 30 birthday.  She also received a magnetic bookmark.

Random Acts of Cardness - August Card Showers

RAOC - August Card Shower for Cansu of Didim, Aydin Turkey


Thinking of You card with Stella Art Print was mailed to Cansu of Didim /Aydin Turkey.  She is celebrating her 32 Birthday.  She also received vintage flower stickers and a bookmark.

Random Acts of Cardness - August Card Shower

RAOC - August Card Shower for Danielle of Ottawa, Ontario Canada


Birthday Card  with 'It's a Beautiful Life" art print mailed to Danielle of Ottawa, Ontario Canada for her 32 Birthday.  She likes Disney and sparkles.

Random Acts of Cardness - August Card Shower

RAOC - August Shower for Nancy of Amble, England

Nancy of Amble, Northumberland England is turning 5 years old and loves Ballet, dancing and Disney Frozen Movie.  Mailed her a Inspirational Dance Card with Birthday Wishes and Disney Frozen Stickers. 

Inspirational Dance Card is from The Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker Ballet.   The flower dancer is Crystal Fallin, Flagler College Auditorium.

Random Acts of Cardness - August Card Shower 

RAOC - August Card Shower for Dakota of Hemswell cliff, England


Handcrafted watercolor Birthday Card for 4 year old Dakota of Hemswell Cliff, England.   Mailed her Disney Ariel Stickers

Random Acts of Cardness - August Card Shower

"Beautiful Dreamer" Lyrics

Art print of Belle with Lyrics from “Beautiful Dreamer”

 Artist Crystal Michelle Fallin

Beautiful Dreamer

Beautiful Dreamer, wake unto me,
Starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee;
Sounds of the rude world heard in the day,
Lull'd by the moonlight have all passed away!

Beautiful dreamer, queen of my song,
List while I woo thee with soft  melody;
Gone are the cares of life's busy throng

Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me!
Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me!

Beautiful dreamer, out on the sea,
Mermaids are chanting the wild Lorelei;
Over the stream let vapors are borne,
Waiting to fade at the bright coming morn.

Beautiful dreamer, beam on my heart,
E'en as the morn on the stream let and sea;
The will all clouds of sorrow depart,

Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me!
Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me!

Lyrics by Stephen Foster

Beautiful Dreamer video  Song by Roy Orbison
dedicated to Crystal a beautiful dreamer

St. Augustine, Florida March 2018

Lola's Smile Bunch - a Beautiful Dreamer Card for Joyce of Oklahoma


Beautiful Dreamer card with Belle Art Print, Lyrics by Stephen Foster (song by Roy Orbison). Mailed to Joyce, a widow of Sapulpa, Oklahoma.  She was  mailed a  bookmark with Vincent Van Gogh painting, Pink Roses and a Christian magnetic bookmark.

Lola's Smile Bunch - Bring Smiles to Seniors Group

Friday, July 30, 2021

Blessings in a Backpack


Blessings in a Backpack ensures that school children take home food for the weekend who otherwise would go hungry.  A total of 1,000 Positive Note Cards were mailed to Blessings in a Backpack at 5 different locations:  Louisville, Kentucky; Orlando, Florida; Fort Meyers, Florida; Fleming Island, Florida and Chicago, Illinois.  Positive Note Cards are attached to the bags of food to provide children with positive words of encouragement over the weekend. 

Positive Note cards had Art Prints of Sisters of the sea and It’s a beautiful Life mermaids as well as many other custom prints from Crystal Expressions.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

From the Heart - UK Birthday Card for Ann of Clydebank, Scotland

 Sisters of the Sea Birthday Card mailed to Ann of Clydebank, Scotland.  From the Heart - UK is a Facebook Group to send encouragement and birthday cards to seniors in the United Kingdom.  Ann received a magnetic bookmark with a silver cross.  Clydebank is a town in West Dunbartonshire in Scotland.

Lola's Smile Bunch - A Belle Card for Linda of Newfoundland, Canada


Thinking of You card with Belle art print, mailed to Linda of Newfoundland, Canada.  Linda is a widow, paraplegic and needs encouragement.  Enclosed with the card is a Bible Verse bookmark and "Hope" magnetic cross.  

Lola's Smile Bunch - Bring Smiles to Seniors Group

Lola's Smile Bunch - 'Music of the Earth" Card for Elizabeth of Minnesota


"The Earth has Music for those who Listen" card was mailed to 94 year old Elizabeth of Bemidji, Minnesota.  She is in a Care Center and needs encouragement.  She is a Christian and the card contains a Bible Verse Bookmark and scripture on the front of the card:  "Behold, I make all things  new."  Revelations 21:5

Lola's Smile Bunch - A Bring Smiles to Seniors Facebook Group

Lola's Smile Bunch - Sending a Mermaid to Joyce of Texas

Sending 'Its a Beautiful Life' mermaid card to Joyce of Austin, Texas who is age 85 and bedridden. Lola's Bunch is a Facebook Group, part of Bring Smiles to Seniors a non-profit Organization.

Lola's Smile Bunch - Bring Smiles to Seniors Group

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

RAOC - August Card Shower for Mary Lou of Illinois

Birthday card with the Chateau de Chambord art print mailed to Mary Lou of Bethallo, Illinois who is turning 90 years old on August 9.

Random Acts of Cardness August Showers

The Snow Maiden


The Snow Maiden

The Snow cascaded, swirled and blew,
in the Magical Kingdom
Of the Land of Snow;
Amidst the snow flakes and fairies.
The Snow Maiden dances,
Twirling on pointed toes
From moonbeam to shadow;
Her silhouette we follow
From forest to meadow;
Snow and ice are her friends,
The coated white earth is her floor;
Center stage from heaven
The stars shine on her,
Seeking no other;
She is the Snow Maiden
Graceful and fair,
in her fairy white dress
With star light in her hair;
Delicate and graceful
From finger tip to toe,
She's eloquent to behold;
Her eyes sparkles like Crystals
Amidst the snow fairies and sprites
She waltzes in solace
With mystical delight;
From winter's breath she came
Twirling and dancing in the chilled air;
Through the forest and the fields
The wind whispers her name,
Brilliant and translucent...Crystal
The maiden of heaven's white veil.

By Peggy Fallin

Crystal was a Demi-Soloist in the Waltz of the Snowflakes
 Nutcracker Ballet  
Performed by the St. Augustine Premier Ballet Company

RAOC - August Card Shower for Calista of Michigan

Thinking of You Card with the Stella Art Print.  Sending Birthday Wishes for Calista of Lexington, Michigan. who turns 19 on August 2.

Random Acts of Cardness - August Card Shower 

RAOC - August Card Shower for Selena of Alabama


Selena of Attalla, Alabama received a Sisters of the Sea Birthday card for her 10th birthday on August 1.

Random Acts of Cardness - August Card Shower

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Cards for Hospitalized Kids - July 2021

Beautiful Life Mermaid

Mailed 20 Handcrafted Cards form the Crystal Expressions Collection to Cards for Hospitalized Kids in Chicago, Illinois to be distributed to hospitals or Ronald McDonald Houses.   

Monday, July 26, 2021

Kind Cards for Cool Kids - Encouragement for Abbi of Alabama


Abbi, age 10 of Calera, Alabama is living with her grandmother due to parental abuse.  She has a low self esteem and lonely.  She loves art and drawing.  Last fall, she received a Grateful Heart journal for her daily thoughts and a creative notebook for drawing.  June 2021, she was mailed 40 artsy markers and three positive girl coloring books.  
Kind Cards for Cool Kids 

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Operation Senior Smiles

Operation Senior Smiles was a program for older adults alone and/or with a disability in Wake County.  The Center for Volunteer Caregiving in Cary, North Carolina requested 450 cards from card artist.  Above images are two of the 20 Crystal Expressions cards that were mailed.

Hallmark Healthcare


Hallmark Healthcare of Carlinville, Illinois requested 29 Christmas Cards for residents and staff.  

Foundation for Foster Children


Foundation for Foster Children in Winter Park, Florida requests handcrafted Birthday cards for 1500 fostering children in their region.  The cards are used by staff to send each child a hand written note so he or she will know that someone remembered their special day.  Most of these children do not have contact with family members and are living in foster care.  The handcrafted cards above were mailed last winter.

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Bring Smiles to Seniors


Over 150 cards have been mailed to Bring Smiles to Seniors in Odessa, Florida.  Bring Smiles to Seniors is a non profit organization that accepts donated cards from card artist all over the country.  The cards are delivered to senior care communities such as nursing homes, assisted & independent living communities, home-bound seniors, and seniors participating in elderly nutrition programs. 

Three Wishes for Ruby's Residents - Postcards for Kindness

Three Wishes for Ruby's Residents is a youth led organization that fulfills small wishes to  lonely nursing home seniors in Arkansas and across the country.  The program serves 1.4 million nursing home seniors and have fulfilled over 10,000 wishes.  Handcrafted cards from Crystal's artwork are mailed to Ruby's residents in Arkansas on a quarterly basis.  

Cards for Kindness - Inspirational and Motivational Cards

On a quarterly basis, Crystal Expressions greeting cards are sent to the Cards for Kindness Program of in Gilbert, Arizona.  Cards for Kindness are delivered to hospitals, crisis centers, retirement homes and other organizations and bring smiles and encouragement to people in need.  Thus far over 100 handcrafted cards with inspirational and motivational themes have been shipped in 2021. 

Kind Cards for Cool Kids - Facebook Group


Kind Cards for Cool Kids is a Facebook Group where parents and grandparents request cards for children with social - economic problems, special needs or family situations to give them love, encouragement and hope.  One of Crystal Expressions Inspirational Dance Card for Valentine's Day.

Cards for Hospitalized Kids



Cards for Hospitalized Kids, Chicago Illinois:  30 cards were mailed to be distributed to hospitals nationwide and Ronald McDonald Houses for Children.

Friday, July 23, 2021

The Angel Card Project - Valentine's Day


One of the 100 Valentine's Day Cards mailed to seniors, handicapped, hospitalized people and foster children throughout the United States.  The Angel Card Project's mission is to send cards of encouragement, love. hope and kindness to those in need.

Braid Mission Cards Of Hope


25 Valentines Day Cards sent to Braid Mission's Cards of Hope Program for foster children in San Francisco, California.  Distributed to foster children throughout the Bay area.

Small Acts Big Change - Valentine's Day Program

 Handcrafted Valentine Day's Cards for 40 Seniors in nursing homes La Canada, California.  
It's a Beautiful Life art print.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

The Angel Card Project

 The Angel Card Project member's sends Christmas Cards to nursing home residents, veterans, shut-ins, elderly, lonely, handicapped and the economically disadvantaged throughout the united States.  Crystal's artwork and Spiritual Dance cards were mailed to over 650 recipients during the Christmas Holidays.

During the year, people request cards for friends and family who are elderly, sick, lonely or in nursing homes.  This is a Rose Art Print, Thinking of you Card with Birthday Wishes for Colleen, Laurel Springs, New Jersey.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Creative Journals and Notebooks


RAOC - July Card Shower Happy Birthday card to Brianna of Illinois


Thinking of you with Happy Birthday Wishes for 15 year old Brianna of Loves Park, Illinois.  
Stella Art Print.
July Card Shower - Random Acts of Cardness

RAOC - July Card Shower Birthday Card for Alexandria of Missouri


Chateau de Chambord Birthday Card with Frozen theme for 6 year old Alexandria of North Doniphan, Missouri
July Card Shower - Random Acts of Cardness

Artist Crystal Michell Fallin - Stella Art Print

“Stella” - the original Art Print in color pencil drawing by Artist Crystal Michelle Fallin.  It depicts Belle’s emotions in Beauty and the Beast when she was not allowed to leave the castle.  Crystal liked the name Stella and used it as an alias on social media.  The drawing is her gothic version of Belle.


Artist Portrait as a Child

 Crystal Michelle Fallin, Age 5 color pencil sketch by St. Augustine Street Artist (unknown) 1989

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